About Joan Kenerson King Consulting & Counseling


My 32 years of work in the health care system started on the front lines as a young nurse in a center city hospital. 15 years of experience in community health nursing taught me first hand about the power of community to support or interfere with healing and health, and I carry that learning with me in all my work.

As the founder and director of a psychiatric home care program, I experienced the ways context can support innovation and later — unfortunately — how the regulatory context can stifle innovation.

For the past fifteen years I have been privileged to work in the public behavioral health system in a variety of consulting roles:

  • Working with direct care staff in residential and transforming partial hospitalization programs
  • Planning for discharge for long term state hospital residents
  • Facilitating large scale system change efforts
  • Developing training strategies and delivering training designed to support innovation and new skill development
  • Developing the “voices” of people in recovery through training, coaching and designing leadership opportunities with them.

These (and other) experiences and training have contributed to the menu of services I bring to my consultation. The skills I have developed are brought to life through my commitments, values, and approach described below.

I delight in the wonder of being human and believe magic is possible when we listen—really listen—to each other.

I feel it a privilege to participate with people in any arena in making change in themselves and their world.

I love, absolutely love, watching people find their voice, learn their truth, learn to speak their truth and find ways to experience greater joy, meaning and purpose in their lives. 

I am drawn to the diversity of us and to the commonality that we share no matter where we live or what our ethnic background is. 

I believe that bearing witness to another’s joy and pain is one of the most sacred gifts we have been given as human beings. 

I love watching the light go on in people’s eyes when they realize that they have a story, that someone else has been impacted by their story. 

I love watching people from obviously diverse backgrounds find common ground in their stories, and experiencing the community that is developed as people find healing and space for expression together. 

And I bring all of this with me to my work of consulting, storytelling, and counseling.




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