All of my services consulting, storytelling, and counseling involve a coming together of people around a “table,” a place of shared ideas and experiences that moves each person to the next step of powerful change.

If you are…

  • … a representative of a system (individual providers, county systems, state systems) interested in transforming your services to better support the process of developing recovery, wellness and increased self-management skills, see more about my consulting services.
  • … interested in a system that includes members recovering from any challenge, interested in discovering and sharing the seeds of healing within individuals through story, leadership, and ongoing systemic wellness focus, see more about my storytelling training.
  • … a representative of a system interested in providing a “space” for telling recovery stories that have existed over time, see more about my storytelling spaces.
  •  … an individual interested in tapping into the resilience of the human spirit to move forward more deeply, fully, and intentionally into your life, see more about my counseling services.

I consider it a great and sacred gift to bear witness to another’s joy and pain, and a privilege to participate with those making change in themselves and in their world. 

Let me know how I can best serve you, and in the meantime, I hold a seat open at my table for you.